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Presentation Masterclass: Make Virtual Valuable

This MasterClass will transform your presentation Performance so you win more business. The cold-hard reality is it’s harder and requires more skills to sell across a virtual environment than it does in-person. New skills and new techniques are required to achieve the same conversion rates.

Simon K Williams, Ash Pemberton, and award winning speaker Lee Warren deliver this unique masterclass.

Killer Questions

Questioning and Challenging skills are a must-have in the 21st century. Stu Lloyd has spent 30 years at the intersection of creativity and business and come up with this 9-step formula to help you find problems worth solving, and to define them for maximum-value creation. Don’t miss this first-time masterclass based on the work he’s done for Intel, adidas, Citibank and others.

Work Smarter

Outsource your work = Less stress and more capacity = Better Performance. It's an easy formula, and it works. In this course I'll explain more about how to implement this approach, and the benefits it will have in your business, your life, and your health.


I'll take you by the hand and walk you through every critical step on your course creation journey. From the course subject, course components, learning objectives, learning objects, student engagement, gamification, and more.

0004 - Demo

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New to online learning platforms? Take a peak here as we scratch the surface on how to engage your users and prospects through online learning tools that were previously only accessible by big government institutions, and global enterprise.

T.Harv.Eker - 10 Rules

10 Secrets to develop the Millionaire Mindset. The author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind which appeared on the New York Times bestseller list and was #1 on the Wall Street Journal’s business-book list reveals his Top 10 Rules for Success.

Author: T.Harv Eker

Emotional Freedom - Women

Naked Divorce – Emotional Freedom Program - Women

A no BS program for women to get over divorce in 21 inter-active lessons.

Teacher: Adele Theron

Emotional Freedom - Men

Naked Divorce – Emotional Freedom Program - Men

A no BS program for men to get over divorce in 21 inter-active lessons.

Teacher: Adele Theron

The Training 4 Influence Train the Trainer 12-week accredited course

The programme is a 12-week course and covers all four steps of the methodology in detail. Each week, there are approximately six to 10 learning hours; two of which are live and the rest at your convenience via this online learning platform.